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SumatraPDF is a document viewer, it supports a great number of different formats
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Despite what its name implies, SumatraPDF is not only a PDF reader but also a full-featured document viewer, which allows you to read numerous document formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, XPS, DJVU, CHM, CBZ, and CBR. And that is not all: I've discovered that SumatraPDF can read more formats than advertised, for instance, I was able to open PNG and JPG pictures.

While using this program, I've been quite impressed by its speed: it is able to open any document in no time, far quicker than PDF viewers that I have tested before.

I also like the interface of this piece of software: it is kept simple, but it still permits you to customize your reading experience. For instance, you can decide whether to view a single page or multiple pages at once, you can rotate a document, zoom in and out, and much more. When you launch the program, it displays the list of frequently read documents, which is useful if you are looking for a quick access to your favorite documents. You can also view your documents in full-screen, either by using the 'presentation' mode or the 'full-screen mode'. They aren't very different: the only two differences that I could spot were that the presentation mode has a black background, and scrolling is page-per-page whereas the full-screen mode has a grey background and scrolling is line-per-line.

However, some people will dislike the fact that this document viewer doesn't support tabs: you can only view a single document at once (you can launch this program a couple of times, though). For me, it's not much of an issue because I usually read only one document at a time.

To sum up, I really like this document viewer because of its speed and features. I really recommend you to try it, and I bet you'll be charmed by this handy document viewer!

John Static
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  • Stunningly fast
  • Supports a great number of formats


  • No tabs
  • Preview in explorer is not working on a 64-bit Windows
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